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Most healthcare organizations are great at what they do. Unfortunately, only a select few are equally skilled at marketing what they do. That’s a shame because research continually shows that the ability to market effectively is usually the single biggest factor in determining which organizations reach their profit potential and which do not.

You can no longer just serve patients well and expect growth to follow. Those days are gone forever. Hospitals are looking out for their own interests and often flood the airwaves with messaging that marginalizes what you do. Patients and referring organizations need to be continually reminded who you are and why you’re their best choice.

That’s where Spark Healthcare Marketing comes in. Instead of trying to sell you on vague gobbeldy-gook, here are three definitive reasons why we’ve been able to produce tangible results for our clients.

1YOU GET A PLAN & A TEAM THAT CAN EXECUTE IT. At Spark Healthcare Marketing, we’ve assembled the sharpest, most passionate team in all of healthcare marketing. Nearly all of us come from large agencies with a track record of successfully marketing brands like Ford, Kraft, Capital One and Sheraton. Although the messaging for healthcare is incredibly unique, by applying the proven principles of planning and execution used by top agencies, we’ve been able to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

2 WE’RE ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE. It’s outrageous what some agencies charge for healthcare marketing. Their fancy offices and bloated salaries require it. At Spark, we’re about the work. Our profits per project aren’t as impressive as other agencies but we’re able to keep clients a lot longer through the results we generate. Ultimately, by providing better work at a lower cost, we come out ahead in the long term and so do our clients.  

3 WE OFFER INTEGRATED, FULL SERVICE MARKETING. This includes the latest 4K UHD video production, cutting-edge web development, graphic design, professional writing, photography, strategic consultation, media purchasing and more. This ensures cohesive messaging which is essential in getting you the most value for your marketing dollar. 

Sadly, nobody on our staff is this attractive or hip. (Heck, we don’t even use post-it notes) However, we are amazing at helping practices stand out and grow through effective, memorable marketing.


FYI, people who look like this are usually pretty lousy at marketing. That guy does have nice biceps though. We’d use our own pictures but we’ll save the surprise for when you meet us.

At Spark, we’re about great. Great work, great results and great long-term relationships. We’re young. We’re hungry. And we’re ready to outwork the agency your competition hired. If you’re ready to create a spark, we’ll make it happen!



Limited time offer: Free small idea with purchase of any big idea.


Practices able to craft a strong brand and then market that brand effectively will absolutely experience a tangible improvement. You’ll see more of the kinds of patients you want to see. The results can be pretty magical.

Jim Leland – Chief Strategic Officer

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Whatever you need, we have you covered - from a new logo and tagline to a full annual marketing plan. Best of all, we have no B-Team. That means you only get top talent touching your project.



Work that sparks for itself.



UF Health
  • We love working with the Spark team. They have the exceptional ability to transform our visions and direction into outstanding creative.

    Whitney Beisiegel, Cancer Specialists