A Quick Love Note To Jacksonville (And Our Fellow J-Ville Ad Agencies)

At Spark, we’re fortunate that our work takes us across the country on an ongoing basis.   Whether it’s our clients in New York, Texas or Colorado, we relish the opportunity to experience (and study) other communities – their culture, their climate, their food, etc.  Sometimes we lose site that we live in a pretty great city ourselves.  Yes, it’s true that Jacksonville advertising agencies don’t get near the same props as those on Madison Avenue (and yes, a lot of times that’s for good reason) but having our ad agency in Jacksonville gives us a lot of advantages that New York agencies can’t claim.

Jacksonville ad agencies are able to keep costs lower which makes our work waaaaaay more affordable for our clients.   We work really, really hard but not so hard that we miss spending time with family and friends.  We can’t do power lunches at sushi restaurants overlooking Central Park but we can dine with a view of the ocean where the fish are actually caught.

At the end of the day, cities don’t do the work, people do.  We’re lucky that our climate, cost of living and community attracts a lot of people to the area. As a result, our city and several other Jacksonville ad agencies are staffed with some really legit talent.  So thank you Jacksonville for being a great home to our advertising agency.  While you’re not perfect, as no city ever is, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

If you’re looking for video production, website design, or any other marketing service, whether you’re in Jacksonville or not, we’d love to hear from you.  Thanks!