Facebook Plans SEO Advertising

Facebook is trying to copy one of Google’s must successful strategies. It is planning to offer search engine advertising which accounts a large percentage of Google’s business. What this means is that advertisements on Facebook will now be linked to searches. If you search Facebook for beer in Jacksonville an advertisement for a Jacksonville brew pub, a Jacksonville advertising agency or liquor store might pop up.

Facebook has taken this step because it has not been able to generate any revenue with its earlier efforts. Advertisers like to have quantifiable advertising. That is they want to be able to tell how many people are seeing the ad and if it is reaching its intended audience. A lot of earlier Facebook advertising efforts failed because customers simply didn’t see the promotions.

Google’s advertising has succeeded because the giant search engine can show customers that somebody is seeing their ads. Facebook has failed because nobody previously knew how many people were seeing it. This story demonstrates why you need an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency that is capable of Jacksonville web design.

An experienced agency will know how to use tools like Google, Facebook, video production Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design. You will not have to learn online marketing because the pros at the agency already understand it. They know what works and what doesn’t.

Many businesses wasted a lot of time and money buying Facebook ads that didn’t work. To make matters they had no way of knowing if the Facebook promotions were actually reaching customers or not. You should always ask a Jacksonville advertising agency if they can provide statistics on advertising particularly online or SEO ads. A reputable agency should be able to present them right away.

Ask the professionals at the agency if they’ve ever worked with a business like yours and if they have any data from past advertising campaigns available. If they can’t present such data it would be a good idea to look elsewhere. The data you want will include “clickrate” which tells you how many people have actually clicked on the ad and sales data related to the ad.

The more data you can get about advertising especially online advertising the easier time you will have making an informed decision. More importantly you will know exactly what you are spending your money upon.

Advertising as Streaming Content

Much of today’s advertising is actually streaming content. That includes the ads promoted through mediums such as Twitter and Facebook. The reason why advertising is streaming is because advertising like every else is increasingly streamed directly to mobile devices in real time.

This presents some serious problems and challenges to any professional advertising agency. Streaming content is very different from traditional mediums because it comes in directly and because viewers have more control of it. They can turn it off at any time and block out advertising. That means advertising has to be more creative to capture the attention of the audience.

Traditional web advertising does not work through social media and streaming content because it can be irritating. Several observers have pointed out that traditional banner and pop up ads are actually “annoying” in that environment. These advertisements actually offend people and drive them away by interrupting their conversations. A different kind of Jacksonville web design and more creativity is required to advertise through social media.

Instead of traditional in-your-face methods, advertisers need to use a different strategy that lures the viewer in. An example of this would be a cool looking YouTube video that customers will want to watch. That means video production Jacksonville can be helpful here. Another is coupons and other offers that the customer will open rather. Groupon works because it provides customers something they want to see. Facebook advertising doesn’t work because it annoys customers and drives them away.

This also means that some traditional methods are still very effective because the public is ignoring much of the social media. That means using a Jacksonville advertising agency that can take advantage of several kinds of media is often the best way to reach a large audience. It also means that Jacksonville web design and video production Jacksonville are still critical to success.

Video production Jacksonville can be vital to success because it can be used as streaming content. The video forms the content that the people want to see and it can be used as an ad. A clever and humorous TV ad can be a highly effective streaming medium because it can go viral. Customers who find the ad funny may send it to their friends and others.

The same goes for a very informative advertisement or something that shows something people are interested in. An example of this might be a video of a new model of a car or another new product that the public wants to see. Video of cute kids or puppies can also attract viewers.

Creativity has always been the cornerstone of advertising. Now it is more important than ever because the viewer is in control of the process. He or she can turn it off at any time so you need to create something that people actually want to see. That means you need an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency with broad Jacksonville web design capabilities.

Is Your Website Ready For Mobile Advertising And Social Networking?

Your website may have to be completely redesigned to reach today’s customers. Jacksonville web design could be necessary because most websites today were designed for old-fashioned desktop computers. Not for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

More and more people are accessing websites through mobile devices and social networking services such as Facebook. Unfortunately many of the sites they are logging into are not designed for this new reality. If your website isn’t designed for today’s mobile devices and social networks your customers could have a hard time getting in. That means they could go elsewhere namely to competitors that took advantage of Jacksonville web design to create state of the art websites.

Therefore it would be a good idea to have a Jacksonville advertising agency with social networking and web design experience to take a look at your website. Many websites are now over ten years old and are hopelessly obsolete. Many of these sites don’t take advantage of newer web features such as streaming video that can attract customers’ attention. That means experience in video production Jacksonville is a must for any Jacksonville advertising agency you hire to redesign your website.

An outdated website that is hard to use can cost a business money because customers may not be able to access it. If they can, the customers may have a hard time navigating it or reaching the features that they want. All successful entrepreneurs learn that the easier it is for customers to reach them the more products and services they can sell.

Unfortunately many businesses don’t realize this they fail to take advantage of Jacksonville web design or video production Jacksonville. They make it harder for customers to reach them and they actually drive away potential customers because they forget that a website is an advertisement. Like any other advertisement a website must be redesigned to keep up with contemporary trends and fashions every few years.

The addition of new features such as streaming video can make the website more attractive to customers. Such features can also be used to create new advertising content that can be used elsewhere on the web. A clever video showing the inside of a restaurant or a car dealer’s offerings can be posted on many different sites to attract customers.

It is always a good idea to have an experienced advertising agency go over your web site and online advertising to see if it can be improved. Taking advantage of today’s technology can extend the reach of your advertising without driving away established customers.

Cadillac Faces Same Advertising Dilemma As Many Small Businesses

Cadillac, General Motors’ (GM) storied and often mocked luxury car brand; is facing the same advertising dilemma as many smaller businesses. Cadillac is struggling to change its image and attract a new generation of customers in a radically changing market place.

Cadillac faces the challenge of a generation of buyers that favor stylish and technologically advanced German imports to its traditional products. The company has risen to the challenge and built a new class of sports sedans that are reportedly as good as anything the Germans make. Now comes the hard part: convincing car buyers that Cadillacs are just as good as the imports.

The key to winning over car buyers will be changing Cadillac’s image, which could be tough. The company has long had a reputation of building “big boats” for old people to drive. It needs to win over a whole group and of drivers and the key to that is advertising.

The challenge facing the car-maker is the same facing many local businesses: how do you convince customers that you can actually provide the product or service they want. Established businesses like Cadillac often have a difficult time attracting new customers or moving into new areas.

How to Get a New Image for Your Business

That’s why an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency can your help your business. Such a firm has experience tailoring Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production to appeal to new audiences. More importantly it can bring new perspectives and new ideas to your business.

Cadillac’s efforts to reposition itself as a maker of sports sedans demonstrate the importance of video production Jacksonville. The showpiece of the company’s advertising campaign is a series of slick new commercials modeled on the popular and addictive British TV show Top Gear that show the Cadillac ATS sports sedan speeding around some famous and exotic locations. These include the Grand Prix course in Monaco and remote highways in Morocco and China.

The ads use video imagery to demonstrate that the ATS is as good as any BMW, Audi or Mercedes. They also try to make Cadillac look cool and elegant two descriptions most people would never apply to a Cadillac. The case of Cadillac demonstrates why video production Jacksonville is so important to changing images. People think visually and new images will always have more power than words.

Such imagery can be employed in a clever way in both Jacksonville web design and in television or print advertising. A cool picture can change a business’s image and appeal to a whole new group of customers. If it is successful clever imagery can actually change the way customers or potential think about your business. That of course is the ultimate goal of all advertising.

Large companies like General Motors understand that they need specialists to help them when they try to change their images. That is why they employ advertising agencies and why you should consider hiring a Jacksonville advertising agency. An experienced Jacksonville advertising agency will know how to change your image so your business can appeal to a whole new generation of customers.