Does SEO Have A Future?

Search engine optimization or SEO, one of the top marketing tools for the last ten years, may not have a future. At least that’s the latest pronouncement from the “tech gurus.”

This means that professional marketing services such as Jacksonville advertising agencies are going to be more important than ever. Low-cost tactics such as SEO are going to be less and less effective because visual content will be more important than ever. That means that services such as Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production are going to be vital to success in the future.

These services are going to be vital to success because visual content will have to look better than ever. Amateur web design and amateur marketing efforts using SEO programs are to be less effective than ever before. Search engines such as Google are already making serious efforts to weed out easy fixes for websites to rank higher. Google has a program called Panda that awards websites that deliver high quality, original and in depth content. There’s also a service called Penguin, which can block some SEO content. Entrepreneurs are going to have to be far more creative and original in their future marketing efforts.

Is SEO Becoming Less Effective

New devices, such as Smart Phones interactive glasses, and next generation search devices, like Google Now and Apple’s Siri will weed out amateur content. That means more businesses will need help from the professionals at a Jacksonville advertising agency. Professional help will be needed in order to maximize the resources used for marketing.

Professional Jacksonville web design and video production in Jacksonville are going to be more important than ever. Websites and other content will have to look and work great in order to attract attention. Today’s web surfers are more sophisticated and they expect professional working content.

Some of the graphics in today’s online advertising is better than that seen in Hollywood movies less than a decade ago. Many of today’s websites contain Jacksonville web design that rivals the best video games. Something to remember is that today’s audience is used to certain forms of sophisticated animation and imagery.

In such a visual medium, word-only services such as SEO will not work. To make matters worse they’re going to increasingly be blocked. That means advertisers will need to go back to attracting attention the old fashioned way by providing high quality content that viewers want to look at.

Videos are increasingly becoming a BIG way to draw viewers to your website. At Spark Inc., we will provide professional, top-notch video production, animation, graphics, video editing, and more for a much lower price than most competitors.

A far higher level of creativity and sophisticated capabilities such as Jacksonville video production are going to be critical to future advertising success. That means establishing an effective relationship with a full service Jacksonville advertising agency will be critical to marketing success in a post SEO world.

Advertising That’s Good For Your Health

Believe it or not advertising might be the key to solving one of the greatest problems facing America: poor diet. The American Journal of Health Promotion reported on a study that indicated increased advertising for fruits and vegetables increased consumption of those foods.

This study is important for all sorts of businesses because it verified something important that some of us tend to forget: advertising works. Money spent on Jacksonville web design and video production Jacksonville might be money well spent.

Researchers found that consumption of fruits and vegetables was slightly higher in states where the government spent money on promotion of fruits and vegetables. The increase was slight but it was verified. At the same time researchers discovered that fruit and vegetable consumption was slightly lower in states without such advertising programs.

Even very simple ad campaigns such as those that Jacksonville advertising agencies can create were found to be effective. Consumption of sweet potatoes increased slightly in Arkansas when signs that said sweet potatoes grown in that state were placed in Wal-Mart Stores there.

This study is important to nonprofit organization as well because it indicates that advertising does have an impact. The impact is not as great as we might like but it is there. That means a Jacksonville advertising agency can help nonprofits with fundraising and awareness campaigns. Even a simple campaign involving a basic video production Jacksonville might increase awareness of an organization.

A retailer might follow the lead of the Arkansas sweet potato promotion by putting television sets showing a video production Jacksonville in its store. The production might showcase a new product in the store or a new use for an existing product. A grocery store could show a video of a chef preparing a recipe with the store’s products.

This study indicates that advertising is not a magic wand, using a Jacksonville advertising agency probably will not double your business but one can help you increase your sales. Even a simple ad campaign involving Jacksonville web design could make more customers aware of your product or service which could increase your business.

Researchers have proven once again that advertisements can change behavior. That means advertising can help nonprofit organizations raise funds or make individuals aware of their services and products. It also means that you can change behavior such as awareness of a problem with video productions and other advertising techniques.

Don’t expect miracles but don’t discount the power of advertising either. There is evidence that it actually does influence human behavior.

Advertising Should Emphasize What Makes Your Organization Unique

The biggest advertising mistake that entrepreneurs make is not emphasizing what makes their business unique. Instead of focusing on the service that only they can provide, these businesses focus on things that everybody else can do such as offer low prices or discounts.

Service businesses in particular will attract more customers by emphasizing their capabilities rather than price. Yet many ads focus on price and little or nothing else. This strategy might work well for Walmart but not for a carpet cleaning business.

An experienced Jacksonville advertising agency can help you emphasize your business’ strengths but only if you tell the professionals what those strengths are. Therefore your first step in advertising is not video production Jacksonville or Jacksonville web design. Instead it is identifying those factors that set your organization apart from the competition.

A carpet cleaning business might attract customers by emphasizing its level of service or unique attributes. A carpet cleaner might attract more business by saying she is willing to work in the evenings and on weekends than by offering a discount. There might be a lot of low cost cleaning services in town but only a few that are willing to work odd hours. Likewise a carpet cleaner that can offer really fast service might attract more business and be in a position to charge higher rates.

If your business can offer something the competition cannot, such as a fast turnaround time, tell a Jacksonville advertising agency. Emphasizing your business’ unique attributes in Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production could help attract more customers.

A video of a satisfied customer saying that “Joe’s Cleaning Service was at my house less than an hour after I called them,” might attract more customers than a discount coupon. This demonstrates that Joe’s Cleaning Service has the ability to provide services quickly and that he keeps his word. Likewise the ability to book services quickly through a website might attract more customers than a really low price.

Before you speak to a Jacksonville advertising agency you should make an inventory of your business’ capabilities. The inventory should include equipment, services you can provide, turnaround time, suppliers, the speed you can provide service at and expertise. Look over your competition’s advertising and try to identify things you can do that they don’t.

If you’re the only business in town that has a particular piece of equipment mention that fact. If your business is the only authorized dealer for a particular brand in Jacksonville, mention that as well. Anything that sets you apart from the crowd will improve your web design Jacksonville.

Setting your business apart from the crowd is critical to successful advertising but unfortunately many people fail to grasp that fact. Remember you must give people a reason to call your business. The best way to do that is to show potential customers that you can do things other organizations cannot. If you don’t emphasize what makes your enterprise unique any money you spend on services such as video production Jacksonville will be wasted.

Apple Faces an Interesting Advertising Problem

Apple seems to face an advertising challenge that most businesses including every Jacksonville advertising agency would love to share. The computer company is now so successful that it doesn’t know how to market itself.

Advertising Age reports that the computer maker, which is now the most successful publicly traded company in America, doesn’t know how to market itself. A new series of Apple ads actually seems to be confusing customers or driving them away. Apple can’t market itself as new, edgy or alternative product/service anymore because it’s now considered mainstream.

As odd as it sounds, Apple’s dilemma isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Successful businesses often have a harder time utilizing advertising services such as video production Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design. A new or unsuccessful firm is free to take risks because it has little to lose and everything to gain. A successful entrepreneur has to think about the risk of losing her clients.

Yet Apple’s case also demonstrates why changes in video production Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design are often necessary. Advertising and marketing like everything else in business change and evolve overtime. New mediums appear and older ones lose their impact. Consumers’ tastes sometimes change dramatically and the fluctuations of the economy affect demand for products and services.

Companies that fail to change with the times and their circumstances fail to evolve and stay in business. Apple for example is no longer an upstart nor is it a “comback-kid.” It’s a huge success story. Whether it likes to or not, Apple has to start acting like part of the establishment and demonstrate values like corporate responsibility. One suggestion would be to show how “Apple gives back” by focusing on the company’s charitable donations or good works.

That is why it is so important to establish a good relationship with an established Jacksonville advertising agency. The experts at such an agency will have worked with many different businesses before including some in your circumstances. They will be able to suggest strategies for adapting marketing efforts to new circumstances. They can also suggest alternatives you might not be aware of.

Many businesses make the mistake of not changing their advertising when they get successful. They keep running the same ad even though adapting their material might prove more effective. One big mistake that many companies make is to not emphasize their success in their advertising. Another is to not mention new capabilities or equipment they have. A good Jacksonville advertising agency can pinpoint new strengths and show entrepreneurs how to promote them.

Apple’s enviable dilemma demonstrates why entrepreneurs need to constantly reevaluate their Jacksonville web design and video production Jacksonville strategies. No advertising strategy will be effective forever so all strategies should be constantly adapted.