Jacksonville Advertising Agency Can Help You with Mobile Advertising

If you’re looking for value in advertising you might take a look at mobile advertising. Mobile advertising costs about five times less than traditional online display advertising according to CNN Money. That means if you are on a budget you might change your Jacksonville web design strategy.
Even though online display ads can be more effective, mobile advertising is actually cheaper but it is a totally different game. Most mobile customers will not pay attention to traditional display ads but they will look at video content. That means video production Jacksonville can be a cost effective means of reaching mobile customers.
Interestingly enough research indicates that videos are a highly effective means of reaching tablet owners who are more likely to be higher income individuals. Research indicates that quick through rates are twice as high for iPad users than iPhone users. Since people are already used to watching video on tablets, Jacksonville video production can be a great means of reaching those customers. It is also obvious that tablet users are more likely to pay attention to traditional display ads so Jacksonville web design could be a better means of reaching those customers.
These results indicate that you need a versatile Jacksonville advertising agency that is capable of both Jacksonville video production and Jacksonville web design to reach mobile customers. Even though the technology has changed the basics of advertising, you still need a good looking ad that will attract of attention.
Videos must be professional and eye catching to get customers to look at them. Ads must also be professional and eye catching. The best way to achieve that is to use a very experienced Jacksonville advertising agency. The more experienced agencies are already familiar with the new channels such as mobile advertising.
They also know what will work in the new mobile world and what will not work. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to start mobile advertising. All you need is really good eye catching material that will work in both the online and mobile domains.
Taking advantage of new methods such as mobile advertising can save you money and help you reach new audiences. An expert Jacksonville advertising agency can help you get the most for your advertising dollars by telling you which means are most effective for you.
The agency can even create targeted campaigns designed to reach those particular customers that you want. Part of the reason why mobile advertising is so cost effective is that much of it is targeted. When you target your ads you can reduce costs yet reach specific customers.
You can even take advantage of methods such as location based advertising that can reach potential customers in a particular region. That way, only potential customers in Jacksonville or Northern Florida might see your ads. Advertising is becoming more cost effective but the basics are still the same and a Jacksonville advertising agency is still a wise choice.