August 21, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Advertising as Streaming Content

Much of today’s advertising is actually streaming content. That includes the ads promoted through mediums such as Twitter and Facebook. The reason why advertising is streaming is because advertising like every else is increasingly streamed directly to mobile devices in real time.

This presents some serious problems and challenges to any professional advertising agency. Streaming content is very different from traditional mediums because it comes in directly and because viewers have more control of it. They can turn it off at any time and block out advertising. That means advertising has to be more creative to capture the attention of the audience.

Traditional web advertising does not work through social media and streaming content because it can be irritating. Several observers have pointed out that traditional banner and pop up ads are actually “annoying” in that environment. These advertisements actually offend people and drive them away by interrupting their conversations. A different kind of Jacksonville web design and more creativity is required to advertise through social media.

Instead of traditional in-your-face methods, advertisers need to use a different strategy that lures the viewer in. An example of this would be a cool looking YouTube video that customers will want to watch. That means video production Jacksonville can be helpful here. Another is coupons and other offers that the customer will open rather. Groupon works because it provides customers something they want to see. Facebook advertising doesn’t work because it annoys customers and drives them away.

This also means that some traditional methods are still very effective because the public is ignoring much of the social media. That means using a Jacksonville advertising agency that can take advantage of several kinds of media is often the best way to reach a large audience. It also means that Jacksonville web design and video production Jacksonville are still critical to success.

Video production Jacksonville can be vital to success because it can be used as streaming content. The video forms the content that the people want to see and it can be used as an ad. A clever and humorous TV ad can be a highly effective streaming medium because it can go viral. Customers who find the ad funny may send it to their friends and others.

The same goes for a very informative advertisement or something that shows something people are interested in. An example of this might be a video of a new model of a car or another new product that the public wants to see. Video of cute kids or puppies can also attract viewers.

Creativity has always been the cornerstone of advertising. Now it is more important than ever because the viewer is in control of the process. He or she can turn it off at any time so you need to create something that people actually want to see. That means you need an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency with broad Jacksonville web design capabilities.