September 11, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Advertising Should Emphasize What Makes Your Organization Unique

The biggest advertising mistake that entrepreneurs make is not emphasizing what makes their business unique. Instead of focusing on the service that only they can provide, these businesses focus on things that everybody else can do such as offer low prices or discounts.

Service businesses in particular will attract more customers by emphasizing their capabilities rather than price. Yet many ads focus on price and little or nothing else. This strategy might work well for Walmart but not for a carpet cleaning business.

An experienced Jacksonville advertising agency can help you emphasize your business’ strengths but only if you tell the professionals what those strengths are. Therefore your first step in advertising is not video production Jacksonville or Jacksonville web design. Instead it is identifying those factors that set your organization apart from the competition.

A carpet cleaning business might attract customers by emphasizing its level of service or unique attributes. A carpet cleaner might attract more business by saying she is willing to work in the evenings and on weekends than by offering a discount. There might be a lot of low cost cleaning services in town but only a few that are willing to work odd hours. Likewise a carpet cleaner that can offer really fast service might attract more business and be in a position to charge higher rates.

If your business can offer something the competition cannot, such as a fast turnaround time, tell a Jacksonville advertising agency. Emphasizing your business’ unique attributes in Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production could help attract more customers.

A video of a satisfied customer saying that “Joe’s Cleaning Service was at my house less than an hour after I called them,” might attract more customers than a discount coupon. This demonstrates that Joe’s Cleaning Service has the ability to provide services quickly and that he keeps his word. Likewise the ability to book services quickly through a website might attract more customers than a really low price.

Before you speak to a Jacksonville advertising agency you should make an inventory of your business’ capabilities. The inventory should include equipment, services you can provide, turnaround time, suppliers, the speed you can provide service at and expertise. Look over your competition’s advertising and try to identify things you can do that they don’t.

If you’re the only business in town that has a particular piece of equipment mention that fact. If your business is the only authorized dealer for a particular brand in Jacksonville, mention that as well. Anything that sets you apart from the crowd will improve your web design Jacksonville.

Setting your business apart from the crowd is critical to successful advertising but unfortunately many people fail to grasp that fact. Remember you must give people a reason to call your business. The best way to do that is to show potential customers that you can do things other organizations cannot. If you don’t emphasize what makes your enterprise unique any money you spend on services such as video production Jacksonville will be wasted.