September 18, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Advertising That’s Good For Your Health

Believe it or not advertising might be the key to solving one of the greatest problems facing America: poor diet. The American Journal of Health Promotion reported on a study that indicated increased advertising for fruits and vegetables increased consumption of those foods.

This study is important for all sorts of businesses because it verified something important that some of us tend to forget: advertising works. Money spent on Jacksonville web design and video production Jacksonville might be money well spent.

Researchers found that consumption of fruits and vegetables was slightly higher in states where the government spent money on promotion of fruits and vegetables. The increase was slight but it was verified. At the same time researchers discovered that fruit and vegetable consumption was slightly lower in states without such advertising programs.

Even very simple ad campaigns such as those that Jacksonville advertising agencies can create were found to be effective. Consumption of sweet potatoes increased slightly in Arkansas when signs that said sweet potatoes grown in that state were placed in Wal-Mart Stores there.

This study is important to nonprofit organization as well because it indicates that advertising does have an impact. The impact is not as great as we might like but it is there. That means a Jacksonville advertising agency can help nonprofits with fundraising and awareness campaigns. Even a simple campaign involving a basic video production Jacksonville might increase awareness of an organization.

A retailer might follow the lead of the Arkansas sweet potato promotion by putting television sets showing a video production Jacksonville in its store. The production might showcase a new product in the store or a new use for an existing product. A grocery store could show a video of a chef preparing a recipe with the store’s products.

This study indicates that advertising is not a magic wand, using a Jacksonville advertising agency probably will not double your business but one can help you increase your sales. Even a simple ad campaign involving Jacksonville web design could make more customers aware of your product or service which could increase your business.

Researchers have proven once again that advertisements can change behavior. That means advertising can help nonprofit organizations raise funds or make individuals aware of their services and products. It also means that you can change behavior such as awareness of a problem with video productions and other advertising techniques.

Don’t expect miracles but don’t discount the power of advertising either. There is evidence that it actually does influence human behavior.