September 4, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Apple Faces an Interesting Advertising Problem

Apple seems to face an advertising challenge that most businesses including every Jacksonville advertising agency would love to share. The computer company is now so successful that it doesn’t know how to market itself.

Advertising Age reports that the computer maker, which is now the most successful publicly traded company in America, doesn’t know how to market itself. A new series of Apple ads actually seems to be confusing customers or driving them away. Apple can’t market itself as new, edgy or alternative product/service anymore because it’s now considered mainstream.

As odd as it sounds, Apple’s dilemma isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Successful businesses often have a harder time utilizing advertising services such as video production Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design. A new or unsuccessful firm is free to take risks because it has little to lose and everything to gain. A successful entrepreneur has to think about the risk of losing her clients.

Yet Apple’s case also demonstrates why changes in video production Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design are often necessary. Advertising and marketing like everything else in business change and evolve overtime. New mediums appear and older ones lose their impact. Consumers’ tastes sometimes change dramatically and the fluctuations of the economy affect demand for products and services.

Companies that fail to change with the times and their circumstances fail to evolve and stay in business. Apple for example is no longer an upstart nor is it a “comback-kid.” It’s a huge success story. Whether it likes to or not, Apple has to start acting like part of the establishment and demonstrate values like corporate responsibility. One suggestion would be to show how “Apple gives back” by focusing on the company’s charitable donations or good works.

That is why it is so important to establish a good relationship with an established Jacksonville advertising agency. The experts at such an agency will have worked with many different businesses before including some in your circumstances. They will be able to suggest strategies for adapting marketing efforts to new circumstances. They can also suggest alternatives you might not be aware of.

Many businesses make the mistake of not changing their advertising when they get successful. They keep running the same ad even though adapting their material might prove more effective. One big mistake that many companies make is to not emphasize their success in their advertising. Another is to not mention new capabilities or equipment they have. A good Jacksonville advertising agency can pinpoint new strengths and show entrepreneurs how to promote them.

Apple’s enviable dilemma demonstrates why entrepreneurs need to constantly reevaluate their Jacksonville web design and video production Jacksonville strategies. No advertising strategy will be effective forever so all strategies should be constantly adapted.