June 19, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Around 75% Of All Online Advertising Campaigns Could Be Failures

Three out of four online advertising campaigns fail to reach their target audiences. At least that’s the conclusion of a web advertising company called Webrageous. The reason for this high level of failure for online marketing efforts is that most firms do not use an experienced professional organization such as a Jacksonville advertising agency when they market online, Webrageous’s director of marketing David Chapman said.

Many businesses still rely upon a staff member or somebody who is good with computers but knows little or nothing about marketing to create and place their online promotions, Chapman noted. Such efforts fail because the ads are poorly placed and poorly designed.

He noted that some companies even create ads that are actually illegal or unethical because the person designing them simply doesn’t understand what the rules are. This could actually get a company into legal trouble or set it up for a lawsuit.

Others fail to take advantage of effective marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and key words. They also fail to research the market and the available tools. So their advertisements may not be seen by anybody or worse could be reaching the wrong audience.

Some firms that master these techniques fail to create a good looking web page or banner. Their copy is poorly written and their page is poorly designed so it drives away customers and makes the company and its products look bad. In such a case a professional Jacksonville web design studio could create business.

Another problem is that many businesses fail to grasp how the web has changed in recent years. It is now a multimedia experience which means that surfers expect a wide variety of media including videos and audios. Such simple steps as placing a video of your product or service or your latest television commercial on a website or in your banners could actually drive more customers to your site.

That means it is a good idea to hire an experienced video production company in Jacksonville to create entertaining and professional video copy for a website or online campaign. A really good video could do more to attract thousands of clicks to your site than a large amount of fancy design.

Businesses do not need to reinvent the wheel when they start promoting their products online. Instead of fumbling around in the dark, an entrepreneur’s best chance of creating professional looking material that will attract customer’s attention is to hire experts, like Spark Inc. to do the job. That way the entrepreneur can concentrate on his/her business and leave web design and promotion to your Jacksonville advertising agency.