August 7, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Cadillac Faces Same Advertising Dilemma As Many Small Businesses

Cadillac, General Motors’ (GM) storied and often mocked luxury car brand; is facing the same advertising dilemma as many smaller businesses. Cadillac is struggling to change its image and attract a new generation of customers in a radically changing market place.

Cadillac faces the challenge of a generation of buyers that favor stylish and technologically advanced German imports to its traditional products. The company has risen to the challenge and built a new class of sports sedans that are reportedly as good as anything the Germans make. Now comes the hard part: convincing car buyers that Cadillacs are just as good as the imports.

The key to winning over car buyers will be changing Cadillac’s image, which could be tough. The company has long had a reputation of building “big boats” for old people to drive. It needs to win over a whole group and of drivers and the key to that is advertising.

The challenge facing the car-maker is the same facing many local businesses: how do you convince customers that you can actually provide the product or service they want. Established businesses like Cadillac often have a difficult time attracting new customers or moving into new areas.

How to Get a New Image for Your Business

That’s why an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency can your help your business. Such a firm has experience tailoring Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production to appeal to new audiences. More importantly it can bring new perspectives and new ideas to your business.

Cadillac’s efforts to reposition itself as a maker of sports sedans demonstrate the importance of video production Jacksonville. The showpiece of the company’s advertising campaign is a series of slick new commercials modeled on the popular and addictive British TV show Top Gear that show the Cadillac ATS sports sedan speeding around some famous and exotic locations. These include the Grand Prix course in Monaco and remote highways in Morocco and China.

The ads use video imagery to demonstrate that the ATS is as good as any BMW, Audi or Mercedes. They also try to make Cadillac look cool and elegant two descriptions most people would never apply to a Cadillac. The case of Cadillac demonstrates why video production Jacksonville is so important to changing images. People think visually and new images will always have more power than words.

Such imagery can be employed in a clever way in both Jacksonville web design and in television or print advertising. A cool picture can change a business’s image and appeal to a whole new group of customers. If it is successful clever imagery can actually change the way customers or potential think about your business. That of course is the ultimate goal of all advertising.

Large companies like General Motors understand that they need specialists to help them when they try to change their images. That is why they employ advertising agencies and why you should consider hiring a Jacksonville advertising agency. An experienced Jacksonville advertising agency will know how to change your image so your business can appeal to a whole new generation of customers.