Making Good Use of Your Website

We all have websites these days, don’t we?  The answer to that for the most part is probably yes.  However the number of those businesses that actually make the most of their website is considerably less.

For many organizations, the company website is something that is set up with the minimum of resources. That isn’t enough in today’s digital world. If you want to stay ahead of the competition then it is vital that you have an easy to use, effective and frequently updated website producing regular content and even making use of blogs and social media.

Experts at Making Your Current Website Work

At Ad Agencies Jacksonville, we are experts at either making your current website work as it should or creating a new one from scratch that will ensure you have a great store window on the internet main street.  There are several ways that we can work with you to quickly get your website up to speed.

  1. Revitalize old content

When it comes to websites, sometimes it helps to use lateral thinking.  Just because you don’t have any specifically created online marketing material, it doesn’t mean that you can’t re-use existing content from one media type onto a new website.  If you have previously submitted articles to industry journals, created graphics for a newspaper or magazine ad or simply got a great PowerPoint presentation that you use either internally or for clients then that is some we can easily use on social media a blog or corporate website.  It is free content and probably great content too! We have the expertise in Jacksonville web design to make your old content look fresh and new.

2. Show Your Expertise

The internet is all about being interactive with the public, customers and suppliers.  A great way to keep your website updated and current is by posting feedback forms on it.  This is a chance to highlight your expertise in a way that will be relevant to other customers.  It’s also a great trick to get longer phrases or keywords registered with internet search engines that potential customers are looking for.

3. Publish a Glossary of Terms

We all love lists, whether it is for the weekly groceries or as checklist before a vacation.  Creating a list of technical terms for your business will not only assist customers but again this keeps you ranking high with the good old search engines.

4. Testimonials

We all like to show off a little when we get good feedback but in the world of business, a good testimonial will have customers flooding to you.  If someone has taken the time to praise you then you must be good right?

If you have received some good feedback from your customers, speak with them about getting permission to put this on your website.  We can link back to their site too so they will gain from it as much as you will.  At Advertising Agencies Jacksonville we can work with you on creating Twitter and Facebook accounts and having them all synced to your website so that a minimum amount of effort can produce the maximum results.

5. Case Studies

By featuring a small number of case studies on your website, it will make your business seem as a leader in its industry.  Customers naturally gravitate towards organizations that appear experienced and confident in what they do.  We know your business is great, let us show it to the world.

6. Jacksonville Web Design

A terrible looking website or a website that doesn’t work will drive business away. If you want your customers to respond to your site it will have to look good. We have the expertise in Jacksonville Web Design to create a great looking website!!

If you want your website to be an asset to your business you need to contact us now. We have the expertise to re imagine and restructure your website and make it into an effective marketing tool.

Great Jacksonville Web Design for Apartments and Retirement Communities

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These days it seems like the Internet is taking over the entire shopping experience. Black Friday has waned in favor of Cyber Monday. Coupon clipping no longer requires a newspaper subscription, and Groupon makes even coupons somewhat obsolete. The Internet has not spared any industry, including the housing industry. People shop and compare homes online through websites like Zillow and through those owned by real estate companies. Apartment complexes and retirement communities are not exempt from the Internet shopping sensation. A great website from our Jacksonville web design experts for an apartment or retirement community could mean few vacancies and a higher rent. A poor website could leave your community lagging behind the competition.

What makes a great website for an apartment or retirement community? Like other websites, your community website should be clearly designed, not too cluttered, and very user friendly. Think about who your residents are, and what kind of residents you want to attract. Is your community near a college or university? Perhaps you should go with a trendy design for your website and emphasize fun amenities and the proximity to school and nightlife. Are your residents mainly senior citizens? Larger text, combined with more pictures, and ease of navigation should be among your primary concerns.

Next, work with your experts in Jacksonville web design to think outside of the box. What features would your residents like to see on your website? Everyone looks at the floor plans of each unit, but how can you be better than your competition? Would your potential residents like a feature where they can place their furniture to make sure it fits? Consider also keeping your website updated in real time when apartments come available. Most importantly, just like any other business, a community has a style and personality. Make sure that style and personality are apparent from your website.

Designing and maintaining a website can be hard work, and the best websites are designed and maintained by experts. Here at Spark, our Jacksonville web design experts are waiting to help you! We will work hand-in-hand with you to customize your website for your residents and business model. Call or click here for a consultation today!

Meet All of Your Video Veeds With Video Production Jacksonville

Everyone knows that your friendly, neighborhood advertising agency can produce video advertisements for your business, along with the print ads, stationary, business cards and the rest of the trappings of a successful business. What you may not know is that our experts in video production Jacksonville can do much more than a simple ad spot.

What other kinds of videos do you need for your business? Think creatively! Do you advertise on the Internet with pop-up ads, sidebar ads, or header ads? Think about going to a video instead of a still frame. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth hundreds of pictures. Remember that movement catches the eye and draws the attention, adding still more value to the video as an advertising tool. It is easy to ignore a static ad on the side of a window, or click out of a pop-up without really looking at it when it is just a still frame. Once you catch the customer’s eye, you can impart your message, and hopefully, get a new consumer.

Do you have a website? Think about how much information you can provide if you use videos in place of text. Of course, having a website that is nothing but videos may not be the best idea for your business, so you should consult with our video production Jacksonville experts to create a strategy for getting the most out of your digital space.

How do you train your employees? In most industries, training is an ongoing phenomenon, requiring hiring teachers, or paying another employee to teach instead of doing their normal job, reserving classrooms, and paying all of your trainees to attend lecture after lecture. Some of those expenses are unavoidable, but you may be able to cut costs by creating video training that can be used over and over, without the expense of hiring a teacher each and every time.

There are myriad ways you can use video production Jacksonville to help your business grow and reduce overhead. Call or click here to talk to one of our experts about how video can impact your business for the better.

Use Video Production Jacksonville to Help Brand Your Business as a Moment

February is a month of moments. The more romantic moments are most prevalent during Valentine’s Day celebrations, but there are also moments to remember the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Ash Wednesday also falls in February, as does the Jewish holiday of Purim. As holidays and memorial days pass, however, the moment passes with them. Turning your business or product into a moment with our experts in video production Jacksonville can create a much more lasting impression that keeps you ahead of your competitors in the customers’ minds.

Kodak is among the first companies to use an effective advertising campaign to make their business a moment. They were aware of the fact, and even made it their slogan (“It’s a Kodak Moment”). Kodak focused on the idea of a moment as a memory that could be preserved for all time with their cameras and film. Even though film has long been surpassed by digital photography, everyone still knows about Kodak as they create and preserve their own moments.

Jewelry stores quickly discovered how they, too, could create a moment. Kay Jewelers and Jared, the Galleria of Fine Jewelry, crafted their advertisements around more romantic moments, the giving of fine jewelry to your loved one. The moment created is one fondly remembered every time a person wears Kay or Jared jewelry, sees their stores, or opens one of their velvet boxes.

Facebook took the idea of a moment to social media. People use both Facebook and Twitter to tell the world, or at least their 10,000 friends, about the myriad moments in their lives, ranging from a change in relationship status, to the funny thing their boss or teacher said in class, to simply what they are doing at the time. In fact, one of the biggest purposes of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter is to find out what your friends are up to at this moment.

Do you want your business to be associated with a moment? Any product or service can be a moment with the right ad. The perfect advertisement will require brainstorming ideas with a great team and experts in video production Jacksonville to put that moment into the hearts and minds of the consuming public. Here, at Spark, we have the team you need to create the perfect moment for your business. Call or click here now to see what our video production Jacksonville experts can do for your business!

Connect with Your Clients with Jacksonville Web Design

Globalization is changing the way we do business. We communicate with people on the other side of the globe instantaneously; it is common for a single business entity to have offices or stores in multiple countries around the world. And the Internet is one of the greatest catalysts of the era. In fact, it is more common to start shopping online than in stores, due to the ease of price and product comparison.

So what does this mean to you? If you don’t have a website for your business, it is time to create one. If you already have a website, you should take the time to update your website and reconnect with your current client base by better addressing their needs. What are your customers’ needs? Some things vary business to business and market to market, but some of the needs transcend the entire marketing world. As coupon clipping becomes a national trend, offering printable coupons on your website may drive additional traffic to the site, and into your business. Additionally, nothing turns a customer away like an unattractive, out of date, or complicated website. That’s where Jacksonville web design through Spark can help. We have a staff of experts in Jacksonville web design who will work with you to set up the perfect website for your clients’ needs and desires.

Do you want to expand your business? You can reach a broader customer base in the international market by offering a complete and easy-to-use online shopping experience. Customers love to shop on websites that are efficient and easy to navigate. The fewer the clicks needed to search for a product, add it to the cart and pay, the more likely you are to gain repeat customers, especially since your product is the best in the market. Your Jacksonville web design experts at Spark can create a simple, cost-efficient shopping mechanism to your business’s website that your customers will love.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a staff web designer because we at Spark are at your service! We are a full-service advertising agency, and our staff includes Jacksonville web design experts, as well as the people to address your other advertising needs in one place. Click here to get started on your new website today!

Creative Super Bowl Ads as Inspiration for Jacksonville Advertising Agency

Every year, the American obsession known as football culminates in the Super Bowl. Even those who don’t care about sports, or whose teams long fell out of convention for the title tune in, if not for the game, then for the advertisements. In short, this one game is an advertising gold mine for those who can get a spot during the game. This year, the ads were myriad in tone, from humorous to serious, and in creativity. Some ads were little different from those played the rest of the year, while other companies took the challenge to show truly creative ads to showcase their products. These creative ads can serve as inspiration for you and your Jacksonville advertising agency to produce an even better ad for next year’s big game.

Some of the longer ad spots were used not to promote a product directly, but as a tribute to a sector of America. Jeep chose to use its two-minute spot to salute our soldiers and the families that they leave behind. Jeep shows its vehicles as part of way to get home to those families, touching a patriotic nerve for those in the market for a new vehicle. Dodge saluted farmers for their grit, endurance, and the sacrifice they make to keep producing our food. Both ads focused on the family, and on industries that use their products. The patriotic tone and subject matter will keep those vehicles at the top of consumers’ minds every time they go to the store, or think about our soldiers overseas.

These tribute ads are in sharp contrast to some of the creative shorter ads that made up the bulk of the spots available. One of the funniest ads was the Doritos ad in which a man is convinced to play dress-up with his daughter just before the big game in exchange for a bag of Doritos. He was mortified at the idea of the guys seeing him, but when they come looking, they decide to join in and share that bag of Doritos. It leaves the unspoken and very effective question: “what would you do for a bag of Doritos?”

Audi and Mercedes went for a more serious note, highlighting the power and prestige that comes from driving these luxury brands. Audi focused on how much fun driving an Audi to prom can be, while Mercedes highlighted one of its most affordable models, while hinting that the car may still be worth your soul. Both car ads were effective and creative in getting their point across.

Now is the time to start thinking about your company’s next Super Bowl ad spot. You need the perfect Jacksonville advertising agency to help you from concept to production. We at Spark, a creative Jacksonville advertising agency, can help you turn your dreams into Super Bowl reality. Call or click here to tell us about your Super Bowl ideas today!

Update your Jacksonville Web Design to Fit Your Business Resolution

The new calendar year has already begun and the fiscal year is coming to a close. Now is the time to think about business resolutions for the coming year. How will you make your business stronger and more profitable this year than last? Today, most of your potential customers’ first contact with your business is through your website or other online material. Therefore, no matter what your target area for growth is, your new business plan should include updating your Jacksonville web design.

Is part of your business plan to expand your target audience to new demographics? Is it to market a new product or line of products? Perhaps you want to expand your online presence to allow customers easier access to your products and a simpler shopping experience. Your website should reflect the changes you make to your business plan as quickly as possible. A Jacksonville web design company, such as Spark, can help you choose the best layouts, formats, and designs to make your product stand out, or make your new target audience as comfortable as the old.

Consumers prefer to shop through websites that are user friendly. This means that the site should be efficient, needing only a few clicks to navigate the entire site, and clearly written, so that the path to any part of the site is easily understood. This is especially important if your target consumers have less experience shopping online. Spark is a specialist in Jacksonville web design can set up your website for easy online shopping and advertising.

Businesses will also profit from updating their website to keep pace with consumers’ expectations. A dynamic and up-to-date website and shopping experience reflects the consumer’s desire to buy from a company that keeps up with the times. This means using the latest designs, languages, and tools to keep navigating your site simple, while effectively promoting your business.

Click here to contact Spark to discuss your Jacksonville web design needs today!