Adobe Wows Us

We use Photoshop all the time at Spark. We’re consistently impressed with their software. We can also say, we’re just impressed with their promotional video. Nice job guys.

Jacksonville Advertising Agency Can Do Great Seasonal Video Productions

How many times have you sat down with your family to watch a holiday movie on TV and seen an advertisement for your favorite product, perfectly tailored for the holiday season? Have you ever wanted to do the same for your business? Spark is a Jacksonville advertising agency that can help you get the most out of video production and web design.

Think of the possibilities for seasonal video productions for your company! You can go big or stay small, highlight a specific holiday or product or keep it more general. A Jacksonville advertising agency can put together a great seasonal video production to keep your business fresh in the consumer’s mind and at the top of their holiday shopping list. You want to show that your business is the right place to shop for the perfect gift, no matter the occasion.

Spark has on-site HD video production that will fit your every need to create the perfect holiday video for you business’ website and advertisements—both online and off. Spark also has the creativity and people to make your video production Jacksonville fresh and memorable. Check out our portfolio to see what we have done in the past and get an idea of what we can do for you!

It is now more important than ever to keep your advertisements fresh and current with the season. In the age of the Internet, shoppers are becoming accustomed to instant gratification and personalization. As shown by the increasing numbers of online sales during the holidays, online advertising is quickly becoming the way to get the word out about your product or service. Online ads show up in the sidebar of Internet searches, in the header of email services, and as “Likes” on Facebook. Few of those ads are static, and many of them are tailored to the biggest shopping season of the year.

Online advertisements can also be targeted to a specific geographical area. That’s why you need Jacksonville web design and video production Jacksonville to reach your Jacksonville and North Florida customer base. Only a Jacksonville advertising agency knows the specific needs of North Florida customers. So give us a call and let us spark something special!

There’s No Place Like Home

Spark works with clients across the United States and even the occasional client overseas. However, there’s a special place in our heart for local clients searching for Jacksonville ad agencies, Jacksonville video production or Jacksonville web site design firms. Spark has worked with local publically traded companies and small businesses alike. We’re also proud to partner with the City of Jacksonville on initiatives that help grow our local economy. Being an advertising agency in Jacksonville, Florida means we can do great work and wear shorts in February. We also have special connection when it comes to Jacksonville media buying. 
If you’re a local business, even with a limited budget, call our Jacksonville best advertising agency, Spark Inc. We’d love to help. 

Featured Before & After: Legal Aid Direct Mail Campaign

Instead of endless statistics, we used an emotional appeal, cut 80% of the text, overhauled the graphics and used a softer and thicker paper stock to give the message more impact. 

Result: 20% increase in donations.

Front Cover: