April 24, 2010 WeMarketHealthCare

City of Jacksonville – Wrestlemania Proposal

The City of Jacksonville called Spark to help with the city’s pitch to win WrestleMania. Spark designed the official bid entry and collaborated with City officials on the content.

But we didn’t just mail a proposal like every other city did. We had a better idea.

On behalf of the city, a Spark staffer traveled to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) offices and dropped off the proposal in stages. First, we filled their offices with 50 electric fans to show that nobody delivered more fans. Later in the day we filled their offices with wheel barrows full of fake money to show that no one would deliver them more revenue. Finally, at the end of the day we delivered the proposal mounted inside a steel cage to show that no other city delivered more passion for wrestling. The initial response from WWE was extremely positive and a decision will be made in Spring 2011.