February 15, 2013 WeMarketHealthCare

Creative Super Bowl Ads as Inspiration for Jacksonville Advertising Agency

Every year, the American obsession known as football culminates in the Super Bowl. Even those who don’t care about sports, or whose teams long fell out of convention for the title tune in, if not for the game, then for the advertisements. In short, this one game is an advertising gold mine for those who can get a spot during the game. This year, the ads were myriad in tone, from humorous to serious, and in creativity. Some ads were little different from those played the rest of the year, while other companies took the challenge to show truly creative ads to showcase their products. These creative ads can serve as inspiration for you and your Jacksonville advertising agency to produce an even better ad for next year’s big game.

Some of the longer ad spots were used not to promote a product directly, but as a tribute to a sector of America. Jeep chose to use its two-minute spot to salute our soldiers and the families that they leave behind. Jeep shows its vehicles as part of way to get home to those families, touching a patriotic nerve for those in the market for a new vehicle. Dodge saluted farmers for their grit, endurance, and the sacrifice they make to keep producing our food. Both ads focused on the family, and on industries that use their products. The patriotic tone and subject matter will keep those vehicles at the top of consumers’ minds every time they go to the store, or think about our soldiers overseas.

These tribute ads are in sharp contrast to some of the creative shorter ads that made up the bulk of the spots available. One of the funniest ads was the Doritos ad in which a man is convinced to play dress-up with his daughter just before the big game in exchange for a bag of Doritos. He was mortified at the idea of the guys seeing him, but when they come looking, they decide to join in and share that bag of Doritos. It leaves the unspoken and very effective question: “what would you do for a bag of Doritos?”

Audi and Mercedes went for a more serious note, highlighting the power and prestige that comes from driving these luxury brands. Audi focused on how much fun driving an Audi to prom can be, while Mercedes highlighted one of its most affordable models, while hinting that the car may still be worth your soul. Both car ads were effective and creative in getting their point across.

Now is the time to start thinking about your company’s next Super Bowl ad spot. You need the perfect Jacksonville advertising agency to help you from concept to production. We at Spark, a creative Jacksonville advertising agency, can help you turn your dreams into Super Bowl reality. Call or click here to tell us about your Super Bowl ideas today!