June 26, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Digital Radio: The Next Frontier Of Advertising

New advertising venues seem to be appearing faster than ever these days. The newest one is digital radio networks such as Pandora which stream music and other programming directly to computers, smartphones and other devices. Pandora is a free app which is trying to pay for itself by selling advertising.

Pandora allows users to create their own radio stations that offer customized play lists of songs is growing fast. It now has 150 million listeners and some analysts think it is the most popular radio station in Los Angeles. Pandora has also launched an effort to attract local advertisers.

Smaller businesses should pay attention to new platforms such as digital radio because it could be much more cost effective than traditional media. The reason it could more cost effective is obvious businesses can use it to target marketing efforts to particular groups of potential customers.

The owner of a country music night club in Orange Park could create an ad that would only be seen by people in North Florida that stream country songs through an online radio service. This could be cheaper and more potent because the ads would reach the persons most likely to be interested in the club. Fans of rock or hip hop would not see his content.

Pandora isn’t the only company in this market the European company Spotify just launched its own radio service. Spotify’s service offers playlists and it has already attracted some giant advertisers including General Motors, Heineken and Taco Bell. Smaller companies and local businesses could take advantage of the service as well.

The emergence of new outlets such as digital radio shows how complex the advertising market has become. These new venues demonstrate that more than ever businesses need help with their marketing efforts. Entrepreneurs need to know which mediums will be most likely to reach their customers.

This is why hiring an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency is more important now than ever. The professionals at such an agency can sort through the media jungle and locate which venues are most appropriate for your business. Even though Spotify and Pandora reach huge audiences they only offer music. Other digital providers such as Sirius XM and iHeartRadio.com offer a wider variety of content including news and sports.

Other services such as video production in Jacksonville and web design in Jacksonville are more important than ever because of the new digital media. Adding a slick video to your online commercials can attract more viewers. A well designed web site linked to a popular app can drive customers to your site.

Instead of fumbling around in the dark trying to understand new mediums and trying to figure out which one is appropriate for you, business owners should turn to experienced experts. The experts can show you where to invest your marketing dollars in today’s complex and constantly growing digital marketplace.