September 25, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Does SEO Have A Future?

Search engine optimization or SEO, one of the top marketing tools for the last ten years, may not have a future. At least that’s the latest pronouncement from the “tech gurus.”

This means that professional marketing services such as Jacksonville advertising agencies are going to be more important than ever. Low-cost tactics such as SEO are going to be less and less effective because visual content will be more important than ever. That means that services such as Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production are going to be vital to success in the future.

These services are going to be vital to success because visual content will have to look better than ever. Amateur web design and amateur marketing efforts using SEO programs are to be less effective than ever before. Search engines such as Google are already making serious efforts to weed out easy fixes for websites to rank higher. Google has a program called Panda that awards websites that deliver high quality, original and in depth content. There’s also a service called Penguin, which can block some SEO content. Entrepreneurs are going to have to be far more creative and original in their future marketing efforts.

Is SEO Becoming Less Effective

New devices, such as Smart Phones interactive glasses, and next generation search devices, like Google Now and Apple’s Siri will weed out amateur content. That means more businesses will need help from the professionals at a Jacksonville advertising agency. Professional help will be needed in order to maximize the resources used for marketing.

Professional Jacksonville web design and video production in Jacksonville are going to be more important than ever. Websites and other content will have to look and work great in order to attract attention. Today’s web surfers are more sophisticated and they expect professional working content.

Some of the graphics in today’s online advertising is better than that seen in Hollywood movies less than a decade ago. Many of today’s websites contain Jacksonville web design that rivals the best video games. Something to remember is that today’s audience is used to certain forms of sophisticated animation and imagery.

In such a visual medium, word-only services such as SEO will not work. To make matters worse they’re going to increasingly be blocked. That means advertisers will need to go back to attracting attention the old fashioned way by providing high quality content that viewers want to look at.

Videos are increasingly becoming a BIG way to draw viewers to your website. At Spark Inc., we will provide professional, top-notch video production, animation, graphics, video editing, and more for a much lower price than most competitors.

A far higher level of creativity and sophisticated capabilities such as Jacksonville video production are going to be critical to future advertising success. That means establishing an effective relationship with a full service Jacksonville advertising agency will be critical to marketing success in a post SEO world.