July 24, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Don’t Ignore What Works In Advertising

In recent weeks both President Obama and the presumptive Republican candidate for his job Mitt Romney have been mocked for running political ads that pander to traditional themes. Obama is positioning himself as a champion of the working man while Romney is talking about business experience. These critics seem to be missing the point and making a common mistake about advertising.

The point is this: don’t abandon what works in favor of something new. Yes the traditional messages that Obama and Romney are concentrating on are old but they work. Their success if proven and that’s something that everybody thinking about hiring a Jacksonville advertising agency needs to ponder.

You need to ask yourself is it necessary to reinvent the wheel by changing your message, theme or slogan when you look into a new advertising medium such as Jacksonville web design. Perhaps the message you’ve been using on print advertisements or TV ads will work just fine when you move into a news medium such as social media.

After all people are basically the same even the gadgets they play with have changed. People still respond to the same basic messages and slogans despite all the technological progress. An experienced Jacksonville advertising agency will understand that and incorporate it into its Jacksonville web design.

In many cases what a business needs from a Jacksonville advertising agency is not a new message or slogan. Instead it might need better video production Jacksonville or better Jacksonville web design to get its message out. Or the business may simply need to tap new mediums such as Twitter.

As Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama’s experience demonstrate there could be nothing wrong with the basic message. The problem could be in the way it is delivered or the medium used. Your customers may still want to save money with your product but they may not be seeing the video production Jacksonville you spent a lot of money on because they aren’t watching broadcast TV anymore. You might need to switch to another medium such as streaming video to reach them.

The bottom line is that you may not need to change your basic message. Instead you may need to use other messages or improve your video production Jacksonville.