August 28, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Facebook Plans SEO Advertising

Facebook is trying to copy one of Google’s must successful strategies. It is planning to offer search engine advertising which accounts a large percentage of Google’s business. What this means is that advertisements on Facebook will now be linked to searches. If you search Facebook for beer in Jacksonville an advertisement for a Jacksonville brew pub, a Jacksonville advertising agency or liquor store might pop up.

Facebook has taken this step because it has not been able to generate any revenue with its earlier efforts. Advertisers like to have quantifiable advertising. That is they want to be able to tell how many people are seeing the ad and if it is reaching its intended audience. A lot of earlier Facebook advertising efforts failed because customers simply didn’t see the promotions.

Google’s advertising has succeeded because the giant search engine can show customers that somebody is seeing their ads. Facebook has failed because nobody previously knew how many people were seeing it. This story demonstrates why you need an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency that is capable of Jacksonville web design.

An experienced agency will know how to use tools like Google, Facebook, video production Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design. You will not have to learn online marketing because the pros at the agency already understand it. They know what works and what doesn’t.

Many businesses wasted a lot of time and money buying Facebook ads that didn’t work. To make matters they had no way of knowing if the Facebook promotions were actually reaching customers or not. You should always ask a Jacksonville advertising agency if they can provide statistics on advertising particularly online or SEO ads. A reputable agency should be able to present them right away.

Ask the professionals at the agency if they’ve ever worked with a business like yours and if they have any data from past advertising campaigns available. If they can’t present such data it would be a good idea to look elsewhere. The data you want will include “clickrate” which tells you how many people have actually clicked on the ad and sales data related to the ad.

The more data you can get about advertising especially online advertising the easier time you will have making an informed decision. More importantly you will know exactly what you are spending your money upon.