March 19, 2013 WeMarketHealthCare

Great Jacksonville Web Design for Apartments and Retirement Communities

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These days it seems like the Internet is taking over the entire shopping experience. Black Friday has waned in favor of Cyber Monday. Coupon clipping no longer requires a newspaper subscription, and Groupon makes even coupons somewhat obsolete. The Internet has not spared any industry, including the housing industry. People shop and compare homes online through websites like Zillow and through those owned by real estate companies. Apartment complexes and retirement communities are not exempt from the Internet shopping sensation. A great website from our Jacksonville web design experts for an apartment or retirement community could mean few vacancies and a higher rent. A poor website could leave your community lagging behind the competition.

What makes a great website for an apartment or retirement community? Like other websites, your community website should be clearly designed, not too cluttered, and very user friendly. Think about who your residents are, and what kind of residents you want to attract. Is your community near a college or university? Perhaps you should go with a trendy design for your website and emphasize fun amenities and the proximity to school and nightlife. Are your residents mainly senior citizens? Larger text, combined with more pictures, and ease of navigation should be among your primary concerns.

Next, work with your experts in Jacksonville web design to think outside of the box. What features would your residents like to see on your website? Everyone looks at the floor plans of each unit, but how can you be better than your competition? Would your potential residents like a feature where they can place their furniture to make sure it fits? Consider also keeping your website updated in real time when apartments come available. Most importantly, just like any other business, a community has a style and personality. Make sure that style and personality are apparent from your website.

Designing and maintaining a website can be hard work, and the best websites are designed and maintained by experts. Here at Spark, our Jacksonville web design experts are waiting to help you! We will work hand-in-hand with you to customize your website for your residents and business model. Call or click here for a consultation today!