August 14, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Is Your Website Ready For Mobile Advertising And Social Networking?

Your website may have to be completely redesigned to reach today’s customers. Jacksonville web design could be necessary because most websites today were designed for old-fashioned desktop computers. Not for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

More and more people are accessing websites through mobile devices and social networking services such as Facebook. Unfortunately many of the sites they are logging into are not designed for this new reality. If your website isn’t designed for today’s mobile devices and social networks your customers could have a hard time getting in. That means they could go elsewhere namely to competitors that took advantage of Jacksonville web design to create state of the art websites.

Therefore it would be a good idea to have a Jacksonville advertising agency with social networking and web design experience to take a look at your website. Many websites are now over ten years old and are hopelessly obsolete. Many of these sites don’t take advantage of newer web features such as streaming video that can attract customers’ attention. That means experience in video production Jacksonville is a must for any Jacksonville advertising agency you hire to redesign your website.

An outdated website that is hard to use can cost a business money because customers may not be able to access it. If they can, the customers may have a hard time navigating it or reaching the features that they want. All successful entrepreneurs learn that the easier it is for customers to reach them the more products and services they can sell.

Unfortunately many businesses don’t realize this they fail to take advantage of Jacksonville web design or video production Jacksonville. They make it harder for customers to reach them and they actually drive away potential customers because they forget that a website is an advertisement. Like any other advertisement a website must be redesigned to keep up with contemporary trends and fashions every few years.

The addition of new features such as streaming video can make the website more attractive to customers. Such features can also be used to create new advertising content that can be used elsewhere on the web. A clever video showing the inside of a restaurant or a car dealer’s offerings can be posted on many different sites to attract customers.

It is always a good idea to have an experienced advertising agency go over your web site and online advertising to see if it can be improved. Taking advantage of today’s technology can extend the reach of your advertising without driving away established customers.