August 4, 2011 WeMarketHealthCare

4 Things You Should Change About Your Website ASAP

At Spark Inc, we’re known for having a talent pool of big agency strategists, graphic designers, writers and more.  A lot of people don’t know we also have what we believe to be the best website design team in Jacksonville.   So we put our heads together and came up with a list of the four things you should change about your website.  Whether it’s doing website design for Jacksonville clients or clients located as far away as California, here are some things you can do to make your site better ASAP.

1) Add a video. In our experience, websites with even a single compelling video on the home page, convert visitors to customers/clients/patients at a much higher rate than traditional static sites.  Thanks to technological advances, video production (even HD production) is far more affordable and easy to incorporate than you might think.  The results make it worth investigating.

2) Have a memorable headline. In building websites, one of the most critical statistics we look at is the bounce rate.  These are visitors who came to your site and left without clicking a single item.  A high bounce rate can mean you’re attracting the wrong visitors or that they see your visitors aren’t drawn in by your message and leave.  People downplay the importance of a headline but it can make all the difference in the world.  Go for something creative that sets you apart.  You see your bounce rate drop.

3) Don’t make contacting you hard! We see this from Jacksonville website design companies and those in New York, California and, well…everywhere.   Yes, you want to avoid a hard sell or seem like you’re peddling used cars with a big flashing number but too much subtlety can kill you.  Instead of making “Contact Us” the last link on your page and making the visitor scroll to find it.  Put it on the home page…and every page.  Do it tastefully but do it.

4)  Have the ability to capture an email address.  As much as you know you have a great product or service only a moron would pass up, the rest of the world out there might not realize it for a little ways down the road.  But if you can get visitor email addresses, you can take their initial interest and nourish it with E-newsletters, special offers and more.  You’d be surprised how many people will give you their email address if you just ask for it and provide value in return.  That might be an E-book that informs them about what you do, special access to white papers, special pricing and more.

Remember, websites should always be evolving and improving.  Sometimes it starts with the smallest change.  So get out there and think about implementing these measures.  It could yield big returns.