October 15, 2013 WeMarketHealthCare

Papa John’s Campaign for Better Health Continues

Papa John’s cares about its own. They launched an internal marketing campaign to motivate thousands of Papa John’s employees nationwide to focus on their health. Along with happier, healthier employees, Papa John’s wanted to lower absenteeism, increase productivity and reduce insurance premiums. Spark helped Papa John’s create the campaign idea, which included this memorable logo. Here’s what they had to say…

“Papa John’s embarked on a plan to formalize our wellness program. We knew that branding our program was an important step to ensure immediate recognition of Papa John’s wellness initiatives. Spark took the time to understand our business and culture in order to design a wellness logo that would capture both the spirit of Papa John’s and wellness. Spark provided numerous designs, walked us through the options and customized modifications as we requested. We are pleased with the final logo we selected and it continues to generate many positive comments.”

Brenda Miles
Papa John’s International