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Making Good Use of Your Website

We all have websites these days, don’t we?  The answer to that for the most part is probably yes.  However the number of those businesses that actually make the most of their website is considerably less.

For many organizations, the company website is something that is set up with the minimum of resources. That isn’t enough in today’s digital world. If you want to stay ahead of the competition then it is vital that you have an easy to use, effective and frequently updated website producing regular content and even making use of blogs and social media.

Experts at Making Your Current Website Work

At Ad Agencies Jacksonville, we are experts at either making your current website work as it should or creating a new one from scratch that will ensure you have a great store window on the internet main street.  There are several ways that we can work with you to quickly get your website up to speed.

  1. Revitalize old content

When it comes to websites, sometimes it helps to use lateral thinking.  Just because you don’t have any specifically created online marketing material, it doesn’t mean that you can’t re-use existing content from one media type onto a new website.  If you have previously submitted articles to industry journals, created graphics for a newspaper or magazine ad or simply got a great PowerPoint presentation that you use either internally or for clients then that is some we can easily use on social media a blog or corporate website.  It is free content and probably great content too! We have the expertise in Jacksonville web design to make your old content look fresh and new.

2. Show Your Expertise

The internet is all about being interactive with the public, customers and suppliers.  A great way to keep your website updated and current is by posting feedback forms on it.  This is a chance to highlight your expertise in a way that will be relevant to other customers.  It’s also a great trick to get longer phrases or keywords registered with internet search engines that potential customers are looking for.

3. Publish a Glossary of Terms

We all love lists, whether it is for the weekly groceries or as checklist before a vacation.  Creating a list of technical terms for your business will not only assist customers but again this keeps you ranking high with the good old search engines.

4. Testimonials

We all like to show off a little when we get good feedback but in the world of business, a good testimonial will have customers flooding to you.  If someone has taken the time to praise you then you must be good right?

If you have received some good feedback from your customers, speak with them about getting permission to put this on your website.  We can link back to their site too so they will gain from it as much as you will.  At Advertising Agencies Jacksonville we can work with you on creating Twitter and Facebook accounts and having them all synced to your website so that a minimum amount of effort can produce the maximum results.

5. Case Studies

By featuring a small number of case studies on your website, it will make your business seem as a leader in its industry.  Customers naturally gravitate towards organizations that appear experienced and confident in what they do.  We know your business is great, let us show it to the world.

6. Jacksonville Web Design

A terrible looking website or a website that doesn’t work will drive business away. If you want your customers to respond to your site it will have to look good. We have the expertise in Jacksonville Web Design to create a great looking website!!

If you want your website to be an asset to your business you need to contact us now. We have the expertise to re imagine and restructure your website and make it into an effective marketing tool.

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