July 27, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Meet Sabrina!

So this week we thought I would have one of our awesome interns write this week’s blog. Take it away Sabrina…

By Sabrina Smid

Through my curiosity and luck, I stumbled upon Jacksonville advertising agency, Spark Inc.’s website one night. I was really impressed with the creativity and the results of their work and was interested in how it all came together. I decided to email if they had an internship available. Amazingly they did.

When I walked in the building for my interview, I was sold. Everyone is very determined but still open and friendly. I was blown away by the artists here. When you think Jacksonville web design or Jacksonville video production, you might not naturally think it’s going to be cutting edge. The work was so high level, I was intimidated.

Unlike most internships where you usually do admin duties with a few minor projects thrown in to get your feet wet, at Spark, if they feel you have the talent, you get to be part of the creative team. In short order, designers were taking ideas of mine and molding them from rough thoughts to polished, professional pieces. I quickly learned that, at Spark, it doesn’t just take one person. It can’t take one person. I never would have guess that it takes a collaboration of writers, designers and project managers, all guided by research to make a marketing initiative come to life. It’s an amazing fusion of art and business. Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production here I come.

I also had no idea how long it takes to make great work. It can take days to edit a single 30 second TV commercial. And that doesn’t account for the time needed to come up with the idea, write the script, work with the client on finalizing the script, shooting it and preparing the footage for editing.

I’ve also learned that advertising is a tough and competitive business. In this field, you fight for the best of the best ideas but everybody has different taste and much of it is subjective.

As an intern, I am learning to overcome obstacles of this field, while learning what my creative strengths and weaknesses are. Spark may be a small agency, but it’s allowing me to do what I love. I’m having my cake and eating it to…and then designing it a logo.