July 31, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Mobile Advertising – Good or Bad?

Advertising on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets may not be as powerful or as effective as we are being led to believe. The Mashable website reported that only $1.6 billion was spent on mobile advertising in the entire world in 2011. That’s the figure for everywhere including Europe, the United States, China and other nations.

Even newspaper advertising revenues which are at their lowest level in 60 years were 129 times more than that spent on mobile advertising. These figures seem to indicate that the digital advertising revolution that we’ve been promised isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

They also indicate that traditional methods of advertising such as newspapers and television still work. That means that a traditional Jacksonville Advertising Agency can still help you reach customers even with all the new technology. Many of the old methods still work and reach customers.

Newspapers in particular may not be as dead as some people think. Warren Buffett has purchased more than 60 newspapers in the last year and is looking to buy more. Buffett purchased those papers because he thinks they will still reach customers and make money.

That means you need a Jacksonville Advertising Agency that understands old style print, broadcast advertising and even the new-fangled digital methods. Your agency should be able to write an effective print ad, handle video production Jacksonville and understand Jacksonville web design.

These numbers should also serve as a warning to business owners. New technologies and mediums do no always live up to the hype surrounding them. The flashy gadgets may not actually be reaching customers. Nor may the people you need to reach actually be seeing your ads.

A good basic website is still the most cost effective digital method of reaching customers. Most people still get their digital information the ‘old fashioned way’ by sitting down at the computer and running a search. That means Jacksonville web design is more important than expertise in mobile marketing.

Newspapers, radio and television are still one of the best methods of reaching a local market. A local newspaper can put thousands of copies on the streets of your cities. A local TV station can put your video production Jacksonville into the homes of tens of thousands of local customers.

Something to remember is that much of what you see about new technologies in the media is hype designed to pump up stock values. It may not reflect the realities here in our area. A good Jacksonville Advertising Agency will understand those realities and know what works in this community.