October 16, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Mobile Advertising Opens Up The Digital Market To Smaller Firms

Advertising on mobile devices is fast emerging as the most cost effective method of marketing for smaller firms. The amount of money spent on mobile advertising is expected to grow to $20 billion in the next few years and a large percentage of that money will be spent by small businesses.

Mobile advertising allows small businesses to take advantage of some of the tools previously reserved for large corporations. This includes coupons, Jacksonville video production and targeted advertising campaigns. For example Auntie Anne’s, a chain of small pretzel shops in Atlanta, was able to send coupons to customers through Millennial Media which is now the number 2 provider of mobile advertising in the US behind Google.

The emergence of mobile advertising shows why businesses of all shapes and sizes need the kind of services that can be provided by a Jacksonville advertising agency. Aggressive marketing campaigns that target customers have become the norm even for small businesses. Even if you are not taking advantage of new methods such as mobile advertising, targeted marketing campaigns, digital coupons and video production Jacksonville there’s a good chance that your competition is.

Advertising is Getting more Aggressive and Competitive

In today’s economy businesses have to fight for every customer and every dollar. Resources are more limited but so is the customer base. Customers have less money so they are more frugal and more willing to search out discounts. That means businesses are going to have to get bolder and more aggressive with their marketing strategies. It also means that having an experienced partner such as a Jacksonville advertising agency is more important than ever before.

Even small businesses are employing sophisticated marketing strategies to target specific customers. In addition to coupons there are such tactics as customized discounts for particular individuals. A restaurant could send a special soup coupon to somebody who always orders the soup for example.

In such an environment creating special content to keep established customers is vital. Reaching out to loyal customers and rewarding them must be part of any campaign. In addition to coupons and discounts, special content that tells customers about new offers or capabilities is vital.

Today’s advertising marketplace is confusing even for experienced professionals.  Marketing and promotion is no longer simple because of new technologies. So many entrepreneurs that used to handle all of their own promotion are going to need to turn a Jacksonville advertising agency.

The situation is getting worse because technologies such as mobile phones are putting powerful promotional tools into the hands of the smallest businesses. Such businesses can produce commercial quality videos and digital campaigns. They can also target your customers directly through mobile advertising

In such an environment you need to use every tool available including video production Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design. The good news is that many of those tools are not only more effective they are cheaper than ever. Even small businesses are in a position to take advantage of them. That means there is no reason for a business not have an organized marketing campaign and strategy.