March 14, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Saving The Moolah

Some Jacksonville advertising agencies are known as being fairly creative. But they charge and spend with extravagance. Other Jacksonville advertising agencies are known to be hungry and thrifty but their creative is pretty “Eh.” We like to think Spark Inc. is the best advertising agency in Jacksonville because we’re thrifty and our creative is pretty sweet. We also like to think it’s why Florida State College selected us to work on a high profile program that helps their entire student body make smarter financial decisions, learn to budget and avoid overbearing debt. The campaign we created for them, called “Save The Moolah,” puts a twist on the classic college protest call to arms and the results have been great.

The campaign, which includes promotional posters, literature, on-campus rallies and an interactive website we branded, is getting attention and already helping to shape the financial habits of students. As we’ve mentioned before, as a Jacksonville-based advertising agency with clients across the U.S., it’s always nice to work on a project in our own back yard, especially one that should be very beneficial to students in the community. Check out the work, visit and make sure to call us for Jacksonville video production, website design, graphic design app development and more.