May 1, 2010 WeMarketHealthCare

Johnson & Johnson Selects Spark for E-Learning System, App Development

Spark was recently selected by Johnson and Johnson to complete two very cutting-edge projects.  Look for an “Eye Phone” app for J&J Vision Care and a comprehensive E-learning system.

The first project, an E-Learning System for doctors and medical practice managers involves interactive video, 3-D animation, online simulators and more.  The goal is to revolutionize the way medical practices are run from an operations standpoint.

The next project is an iPhone app we’re developing for The Vision Care Institute wing of J&J.  Although we’re not allowed to pass on the details yet, we can share that the app is going to be pretty darn sweet.  It’s going to serve as a wonderful resource for eye doctors and patients around the world.  A US and UK version are rolling out first followed by several versions for J&J’s Asia markets, other regions of Europe, the Middle East and more.


A still frame of real time animation in J&J's new "EyePhone" app.

A still frame of real time animation in J&J’s new “EyePhone” app.