July 2, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Tweet This: Twitter Advertising Actually Works

P.F. Chan’s is going to make cop suey out of its competition if it keeps this up. The Wall Street Journal reported that over one million people responded to a $25,000 targeted advertising campaign on Twitter for the well known restaurant chain.  Even for a company that specializes in video production in Jacksonville and Jacksonville web design, we feel it’s worth noting.
P.F. Chang was able to reach over one million potential customers without paying any traditional media source.  Twitter has been working well for several companies hoping to quickly and cost-effectively get the word out about special promotions.

Of course, anyone can Tweet.  It’s what you say and how you say it the will determine the reaction you receive.  That’s why you need an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency to help guide you.  Remember, Twitter can often just be a hook that gets potential customers to read more information or watch a video.  That is why you need to utilize the services of an experienced team offering video production Jacksonville trusts and a Jacksonville web design team you’ll love, too . Customers are getting more sophisticated all the time. In fact, many customers now expect advertisements high end content such as videos and professional photography when acting on a tweet.  This also poses an interesting dilemma for sites such as Twitter and Facebook.   If advertisers are able to get such great results for free, why would they pay a site to advertise and possibly get significantly lower results?

As a Jacksonville advertising agency, we’re now using Twitter for clients all over the US.   Unlike when we have to get local media rates for a client in Fresno and do it again for a client in Rochester, with Twitter, we can just get to work.  It’s free and easy to implement once you have a strategy in place.  Whether you need us to conceive and manage a social media plan or need us for Jacksonville web design or video production Jacksonville.  We work with clients all over the country though.  So be sure to give us a call.