March 1, 2013 WeMarketHealthCare

Use Video Production Jacksonville to Help Brand Your Business as a Moment

February is a month of moments. The more romantic moments are most prevalent during Valentine’s Day celebrations, but there are also moments to remember the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Ash Wednesday also falls in February, as does the Jewish holiday of Purim. As holidays and memorial days pass, however, the moment passes with them. Turning your business or product into a moment with our experts in video production Jacksonville can create a much more lasting impression that keeps you ahead of your competitors in the customers’ minds.

Kodak is among the first companies to use an effective advertising campaign to make their business a moment. They were aware of the fact, and even made it their slogan (“It’s a Kodak Moment”). Kodak focused on the idea of a moment as a memory that could be preserved for all time with their cameras and film. Even though film has long been surpassed by digital photography, everyone still knows about Kodak as they create and preserve their own moments.

Jewelry stores quickly discovered how they, too, could create a moment. Kay Jewelers and Jared, the Galleria of Fine Jewelry, crafted their advertisements around more romantic moments, the giving of fine jewelry to your loved one. The moment created is one fondly remembered every time a person wears Kay or Jared jewelry, sees their stores, or opens one of their velvet boxes.

Facebook took the idea of a moment to social media. People use both Facebook and Twitter to tell the world, or at least their 10,000 friends, about the myriad moments in their lives, ranging from a change in relationship status, to the funny thing their boss or teacher said in class, to simply what they are doing at the time. In fact, one of the biggest purposes of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter is to find out what your friends are up to at this moment.

Do you want your business to be associated with a moment? Any product or service can be a moment with the right ad. The perfect advertisement will require brainstorming ideas with a great team and experts in video production Jacksonville to put that moment into the hearts and minds of the consuming public. Here, at Spark, we have the team you need to create the perfect moment for your business. Call or click here now to see what our video production Jacksonville experts can do for your business!