July 10, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Which ads work and which don’t?

Advertising just isn’t what it used to be. The days when your choices of a medium were limited to newspaper, TV and radio are long gone. Today you have countless venues for getting your message out available including social media, email, Twitter, Facebook, and numerous other digital choices. That is why many companies use a Jacksonville web design service, a Jacksonville advertising agency and a video production service in Jacksonville.

Spark Inc. can help you determine which mediums are best for you. A study by the consulting firm GazeHawk found that people who use a social media news service called Reddit automatically and unconsciously filter out advertisements posted there. Those people simply see what they want and ignore everything else.

Rich Bergsund CEO of Wine.com bluntly told Reuters that online display ads simply don’t work. The prices of online displays have fallen by about half since 2007 which is a sure indication that they don’t work. So you might be wondering which advertisements work and which don’t? Mr. Bergsund’s complaint shows you why you need Jacksonville web design.

The best way to determine that is to turn to the professionals at an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency and video production Jacksonville. The pros follow the business and keep up with the trends so they understand what will work and what will not. They may not have all the answers but they will know more than you do.

The truth is that some online display advertisements do work but others do not which is why an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency could help you. So there is no real guarantee in advertising. The falling price of this kind of advertising actually makes it more appropriate for a lot of entrepreneurs including many small businesses.

One of the best things about today’s ad market is that is actually cheaper and easier to advertise than ever before. A business can now reach far larger numbers of potential customers at a very low price. If it takes advantage of video production Jacksonville to create content for its site it can reach almost as many people as a far more expensive television ad campaign. Not to mention once the video is complete you can have it posted to YouTube or your website and receive hundreds or even thousands of views for free!

Yet it must be able to produce professional looking promotions so a good Jacksonville web design service is a must. The best web designer to hire is one that is obviously familiar with the local ad market. So it is best to hire a company that combines the services of an agency and a web designer.

Yet website design isn’t the only thing you need nowadays. Most web surfers now expect sites to have videos. A good YouTube video is now one of the best ways to promote a product online. So you should look for somebody with experience in video production in Jacksonville as well.

Obviously there’s no guarantee that any sort of promotion will work but there’s no guarantee it won’t. Today’s advertising market is now so complex that even small businesses need professional help to navigate it. Fortunately that help is easier to find than ever before.