July 17, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Who’s Seeing Your Advertising?

There’s an important question you need to ask when you launch a marketing campaign it is who will see my advertisements? You need to ask that question because evidence indicates that a lot of the people that see new promotions on venues such as social media may not even be real.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently looked into the results from Facebook ads and what they found should be a wake-up call for all businesses. The TV network created a fake company called Virtual Bagel and set up a Facebook page for it. The reporters then had a social media marketing consulting company look at the results and they found that almost all of the people who “liked” Virtual Bagel were suspicious. Virtual Bagel was based in London but most of its fans were in Egypt and the Philippines.

To make matters worse many of the fans stated that they liked up to 5,000 pages. Obviously something is very fishy here: because there’s no way that one person could “like” up to 5,000 pages at once. These results indicate that money spent on social media advertisements could be wasted if you don’t use a professional resource such as an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency.

These results also indicate that many business owners that think they are saving money by not using a Jacksonville advertising agency are throwing their cash away. Resources such as Facebook pages and Jacksonville web design can only be successful if they are marketed to real people. You need to be certain that your advertisements are reaching real people that will spend real money at your business.

All of the money that you are spending on social media, Jacksonville web design and video production in Jacksonville could be wasted. Is anyone actually be seeing the expensive video production Jacksonville that you paid for. This means that you need to ask the important question: who will see my Jacksonville web design? You need to verify that your promotion will be seen by actual human beings that might want to do business with you.

The best way to do this is to hire an experienced Jacksonville advertising agency with video production capacity and social media savvy. Simply being able to create an advertisement is not enough you need to be able to verify that potential customers are actually seeing the commercial. If not your video production Jacksonville will be a waste of time and money.