December 4, 2012 WeMarketHealthCare

Windows 8 Creates New Opportunities for Jacksonville Ad Agencies

Advertising is becoming pervasive than ever, especially online. The new Windows 8 operating system includes ads in almost every service that it offers, including games, news, finance, travel, sports, weather and Xbox Music. This might annoy some people but it creates new opportunities to use Jacksonville web design and Jacksonville video production to attract additional customers.

A Jacksonville advertising agency could create a clever video that will attract web surfers’ attention as they are looking for a new game to pay. A Jacksonville stock broker or insurance agent could place an advertisement in Explorer or Bing’s Finance section. The ad would be seen by North Florida residents when they are checking stock information or reading news stories.

The great thing about Windows 8 is that it is designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as well as desktops and laptops. Advertisers that use Jacksonville web design to insert advertising into it will be able to reach customers all over the place.

Microsoft is even placing advertising in existing applications such as Office. That means advertising for an accountant can appear with Microsoft Excel. A business owner banging her head against the screen trying to figure out taxes or payroll could see an ad for a bookkeeping service or a tax specialist. A person trying to write a document might see an ad for a professional writer. Do you see how this works yet? This could benefit any Jacksonville Advertising Agency.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 game service is going to offer entrepreneurs some exciting new uses for Jacksonville video production in the near future. Streaming video commercials that are ten to fifteen seconds long are going to be inserted into games. Xbox users will have to watch the commercials in order to download the games. A person that downloads Madden Football might see a commercial for a Jacksonville sports bar or a store running a special on Jaguars merchandise. This scenario is no fantasy, Xbox 360 is now considered the second most popular viewing device for streaming video advertising after the Apple iPad.

If all that wasn’t enough some pundits are theorizing that Microsoft will one day release a free version of Windows 8 with more advertising. That will make more advertising opportunities available and drive down the cost of advertising on competing services such as Google. Even the smallest businesses will be able to afford to increase their advertising and reach hundreds of customers.